Designed by Linemen, Used by Linemen

Ultimate Protection, Maximum Comfort

Welcome to the home of The Power Gripz, the only gloves "Designed by Linemen and Used by Linemen".

The Power Gripz are the only gloves on the market designed by linemen, for linemen. They are the only gloves scientifically tested and proven to be superior for grip, arc protection, heat penetration, and all weather dexterity. Ordinary leather protector gloves just weren't designed for the real world, in-the-air work they do every day. The normal gloves on the market today get slick from wear and oily residues on line apparatus and wind up being little more than maddeningly slippery in foul weather. Power Linemen need and deserve a better grip on the tools, small parts and apparatus they use, to work more efficiently, keep the drop zones safer and get the job done, no matter what conditions the linemen face!

We succeed with experience, energy, and innovation while creating new solutions for the needs of our customers... Linemen! Whether you're a lineman or qualified electrician, whether you're working with 600 volts or 500,000.... You need to feel comfortable using your hands. Put your mind at ease while wearing your rubber gloves with our superior leather protectors. THE POWER GRIPZ are made from top quality cowhide, with an added gripping agent for ultimate gripping power.

The Power Gripz would like to visit with you at the Jubb Utility Supply booth at the CUEE show in Toronto, Ontario on September 9,10. We will look forward to seeing you there!

The Power Gripz Digital Brochure

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